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We have a global presence with cheap flights. Travelengine is based upon the English version (2012) of JetRadar. This soon formed a stand-alone project with 535 aviation partners and 35 travel agencies worldwide. Since 2014, the search engine has also been using Magic Fare, a tool that looks up long-haul flights with stopovers.

Our search method is ecological. Travelengine filters its flights with ECO Rank, which uses an ICAO approach to identify flights with fewer harmful emissions and to exclude them from its search results. ECO arranges flight options based on aviation emissions, traffic forecasts and aircraft coverage.

We recommend mobile friendly apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. These are JetRadar apps to be downloaded on Google Play or the AppStore.

With A Multi-city route you can book a complete circle as e.g. Brussels -> London -> New York -> Honolulu -> Tokyo -> Moskow -> Brussels. Six flights is the maximum. This trip costs € 1,500 to € 2,000 + 1 free cabin luggage. You can try it out for yourself and you're not limited to flights around the globe. However you can also go over the poles or explore the regions below the equatorial. But you can also fly within your continent and explore neighboring countries you didn't visit yet, in one trip.

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With Travel Engine you can compare prices and offers from airlines. The cheapest flight always comes first in the search results. You can focus your searches on cheap flights, but you can also search for early and late flights, or flights at a time that suits you best. Then you can also choose the number of stops or simply take a direct flight. For a flight between the same cities you can choose or avoid cities for stopovers. You can then choose the airport per city if the plane of your flight lands or takes off at that airport. You can also enable or disable a whole range of airlines per flight. Ditto for travel agencies. The search engine itself is multilingual and supports more than 50 languages and currencies.